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Buying Local #Print Benefits YOU!

Buying Local #Print Benefits YOU!

JB Print Solutions has been providing professional, high quality print for the Quinte region since 1983. From business cards to store signage, we provide you with products to suit your business and maximize your investment.

Here are 5 reasons to print locally with JB Print:

1. Meet face-to-face with experienced professionals. 
Our team has hundreds of years of combined experience in the print industry. We use this knowledge and expertise to creatively and effectively provide you with print solutions.

2. Maximize your investment. 
We ask the right questions and give helpful answers to ensure you’re getting the right product the first time.

3. Quality control from order to delivery. 
All products pass through a variety of check points so you walk away every time with consistent, high quality, in-house print that you’re proud of.

4. Custom design.
Our graphic designers will meet with you to discuss your vision, tailor your designs and create a unique brand for your business.

5. There are no (bad) surprises! 
You can see and feel samples in-house, select your favourite paper, get design inspiration and feel confident that your finished product will exceed your expectations.

Check out what we can do for your business by visiting or call us at 613-394-3245 to set up a tour with Ian Anderson!

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