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From Order To Ink How a print job progresses through the shop from order to the finished product

From Order To Ink

From the moment you place your order to holding the finished print in your hands, your project moves through multiple quality check-points. Each of these steps are crucial to ensuring an efficient process and a high-quality print product. Read on to find out more about our process and the route your projects take from order to ink!


Step 1: Welcome to JB Print Solutions! Whether you’ve worked with us in the past or we’re just getting to know you, we kick start every project the same way: by gathering as much information as possible! At this stage our customer service reps will chat with you about your project and get your contact information so we can keep in touch along the way. The information collected will go to our estimator for pricing if requested or head straight to the design department.


Step 2: Design Department – Every order passes through the design department whether it’s brand new or we’ve printed it a dozen times before. Our designers work with clients to create graphics from scratch, ensure that supplied files are print-ready and proof standing files to make sure the correct file is printed. During this stage, all jobs are reviewed before production by cross-examining the original order form with follow-up conversations and the final approved files. Whenever possible, our designers work with the production manager to order stock early so that production isn’t delayed after artwork approval.

Step 3: Production Manager – Once the artwork is approved we can get your project on track for printing. Our Production Manager reviews the job ticket, orders stock and schedules the presses and man-power to make your project happen as quickly and successfully as possible. When scheduling, similar jobs are grouped in order to save time and resources by reducing stock waste and by avoiding unnecessary ink clean-ups. Special due-dates, job scope and even the daily temperature are considerations when determining a course of action.

**Check out our blog to learn more about how climate affects our process:


Step 4: Pre-press – At this stage files are pre-flighted for printing by ensuring the size, page count, colouring, and folds match the approved proof. The press operator, pre-press operator and designers work together to review a printed sample. This sample is a key step in making sure all expectations are met and any potential errors are addressed before the job heads to the presses.


Step 5: Production – This is where the magic happens: Our press operators and sign-maker start printing! After all of the steps leading up to this step may sound easy… but our skilled operators know there’s more involved than just hitting “print”. In between loading stocks, calibrating machines, ensuring efficient use of stocks, mixing ink and making sure all of the mechanics are running smoothly, they must also ensure that the print looks great!


Step 6: Bindery & Finishing – This is where it all comes together! Our press operators pass off the printed pieces to the capable hands of our bindery staff. Our bindery team works hard to fold, number, perforate, die-cut, bind and pad your projects, with each individual project presenting a unique scope of tasks. This is the final opportunity to ensure your project is done right before being packaged for pick up or delivery.  



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