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We live in a visually driven world, so it’s not surprising that signage and display plays a huge role in the success of a business. A study conducted by FedEx showed that nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said that they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs.*

New and established business owners should regularly ask themselves “How do I get new customers through the door?” The answer: great signage & display. Your signage should work hard for you by attracting, welcoming and informing a potential customer, all before they experience the quality of your product/service.




7 Ways Your Signage and Display Should Be Working For You

1. Express

Your signage & display materials should express your brand, company culture and values. Your logo should be proudly displayed and easy to see. The images, fonts and colours that you choose and the ways in which you decide to display them will tell the customer a story about you. Wall murals and canvas prints are a great way to immerse your customers in an experience that is more than just the products on the shelves.



2. Educate

Signage is an opportunity to educate customers about your business, industry, products, service, sales, contests, & special offers. Were you voted #1 business of the year? Put it on a Plak!



3. Re-Fresh

Your signage & display should change with the times. Interchangeable signage like click-frames and tabletop roll up banners are easy to keep updated, especially when you want your in-office graphics to match your current social media campaign.



4. Attract

Your signage should be eye-catching, attractive and welcoming. Most customers feel that businesses with a badly designed sign will offer a lesser quality product or unprofessional service and won’t give the business a chance. Show customers that you have a great product/service! Thoughtfully place your sign (and be careful not to overwhelm by hanging too many!), invest in good design, and get the right material for the job. Your business signs, a-frame signs, roll up banners and hanging banners should be easy to see, easy to decipher and look fresh!



5. Direct

You should have signage & displays that make your customer’s day easy. Consider way-finding signage and floor graphics for easy navigation, seating charts for your event or window lettering that helps the customer find you while window-shopping in a plaza.



6. Answer Questions

Any questions that your customer might have before buying your product/service should be answered by your signage. Parking instructions, service menus, price lists & hours of operation are a few ways to make your customer feel at ease and in control.



7. Build Trust

Your signage should be professional, with proper spelling, good design & use quality materials in order to make your customers feel that they can trust you. Keeping your signage consistent with your social media and advertisements will make you recognizable and will increase the customer’s confidence in you. Would you trust a person driving an un-marked van to enter your home and do work for you, or would you feel safer seeing a van with company graphics that match the appointment card you received when booking the service?



Remember: Great signage & display doesn’t stop at the storefront.

Vehicle lettering and building signage should attract customers to your store and build trust; Floor graphics, seating charts and way-finding signs should direct event-goers; Banners and easel back signs should make your trade show booth stand out; Click-frame posters and Plaks should educate your patients in the waiting room; If well-planned, your signage should be working for you by creating a positive experience for your customer.

Check out how we can make your business’ signage work for you:




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