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Planning for success Kickstart Your Business Brand During Small Business Week

Planning for success!    Calling all small business owners!!

It’s small business week, which is a great time to assess your brand and marketing needs. Take some time to nurture your brand by scheduling a free consultation with one of our designers. They can help you through the process of creating a new brand or refining an existing one. Sometimes a brand doesn’t require a complete overhaul, a simple update can work wonders for your marketing! Our designers can also assist you in choosing print materials that will advertise your small business in the best possible way.

What is a brand? A brand is a visual or set of visuals that distinguishes your business from competitors. Brands can be words or graphics or a combination of both, a logo and supporting graphics or taglines to help you market your business effectively.

Why is a brand important? Establishing a consistent brand is AS important for small businesses as it is for large companies. Having a unified look across your marketing materials can make your start-up look professional and established. Choosing a style and palette to work from will help streamline the look of your brand and make you more recognizable to existing and potential customers.

Kickstart your brand! Talking with a designer to create a logo and a few initial marketing tools can really start you off on the right foot when creating your business plan. Let our designer know about materials you are thinking of using in the future and they will design a logo that translates well to a variety of print and digital medias. From tradeshow appearances to social media advertising, meeting with one of our designers to chat about concepts and ideas will allow your brand to have a solid foundation to build on. The designer can get a feel for your likes and dislikes and a sense of your business style. If you have noticed a brand or advertising that really works, bring it in to show us! We can talk about why it works and come up with a solution for your business.

Designers will help you choose colours, fonts and graphics that represent you and your small business. The branding you choose can then be used for immediate print requirements and for future advertising projects. From social media, business cards, brochures, labels and booklets to signage and vehicle graphics, it can all be coordinated to make you stand out in the community! It only takes a few products to get started. Even starting with a basic logo is effective. A simple design and colours may seem TOO simple, but when executed properly, it actually lets your product do the talking. The brand becomes the backbone of your business. Your brand is the constant as your products change and your services evolve.

Your brand can even carry over to your social media advertising. Everyone likes to share,… an eye catching brand is easy to share! Let your customers be your brand ambassadors, by sharing your posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. People will remember your logo when they see your product at a tradeshow or in a store. There, you’ve made it easy for your customer simply by presenting a streamlined image!

A unique name combined with a strong brand will make you memorable. Pair that with a great product/service and you are sure to stand out when being compared other similar businesses.

Consistency is key when creating your business brand,… and we can help with that!!

Stop in to see what we can do for your small business!  

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