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Rack Cards: Small But Mighty!

What is a “rack card”?

The term “Rack Card” usually refers to a 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” card stock promotional handout. It’s a great alternative to 3-panel brochures if you don’t have quite as much information to share, and fits in standard brochure holders like those found in waiting rooms and information booths.

We think rack cards are such a sleek, cost-effective and versatile format that they should be used for more than just business information, so we’ve brainstormed and come up with a few creative ways to use the rack card format:


GIFT CERTIFICATE (just turn it sideways!)

Printed in a landscape format, the rack card size fits perfectly in a #10 envelope and gives sufficient space to handwrite information such as the dollar value, authorization signature, special notes, to & from and the issue date.


Wedding & Event Program

After you’ve brought out all the stops to make your event amazingly entertaining, consider keeping the program simple and sleek. This way your attendees can focus less on the sorting through the itinerary and more on the fun! Rack cards provide an easy-to-navigate format compared to traditional program booklets.


Speciality Event & Seasonal Menus

Your special event will have a few carefully selected meals (and desserts!) so rather than displaying your offerings on a bland letter size piece of paper, class it up by printing your menu in a polished rack card format.


Price Lists

The tall, nature layout of a rack card is ideal for lists! Use one or both sides to list your products, services and pricing. Do you offer too much to sum it up on just two sides of a rack card? Consider a folded rack card for a professional, high quality option.


A rack card isn't limited to one purpose or layout, so get creative and make use of this versatile print option! 

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