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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint In The Workplace

Being green - Reducing our carbon footprint.

Statement on climate change from 18 scientific associations

"Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver." (2009)


At JB print we are committed to doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. Reduce, reuse, recycle!


We have implemented many processes and programs throughout our company to help us reach this goal and are constantly striving to do more.


Let's take a look at our departments and then company wide at what we are doing everyday!


Front Offices


• Recycling boxes at every desk

• Scrap paper from the copier and from cut offs of press jobs are padded and used for notepads

• Reusable notes - messages that are consistent are reused over and over, reducing the need for post it notes

• We reuse office supplies such as paperclips and elastics

• Rechargeable batteries for high usage electronics such as keyboards and mouse

• Non rechargeable batteries are recycled as well as ink pens

• Electronic waste - computers, monitors, keyboards etc. are recycled as we upgrade equipment.

• Previously enjoyed office furniture is purchased instead of new whenever possible

• Our old furniture and supplies that are still in working order are donated or placed out at the curb for reuse

• When possible our proofing of client jobs is done digitally


Prepress and Large Format


• Design smart imposition to optimize press sheets

• Chemical free plate making process

• The aluminum plates are recycled after use

• All scrap or excess paper is reused or recycled

• Substrates for large format mounting are reused or recycled when possible

• Scrapes of print material and laminates are kept and used

• Paper tubes and cardboard/plastic packaging is recycled or reused




• Energy star efficient copiers

• Environmentally responsible papers with recycled post-consumer waste content.

• All toner cartridges are recycled

• Copier parts are recycled or repaired if possible




• Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) inks and solvent, vegetable based inks

• Reduce paper usage by ordering the correct amount of paper for a print job

• Pressmen set up with scraps of waste from other print jobs

• Alcohol free fountain solution is used for washing up the presses

• Wash-ups are mostly done using water, reducing chemical usage


Bindery, Shipping and Delivery


• Waste paper from plate making and paper packaging is reused for packing our product for shipping and delivery

• Our supply boxes and packing material are reused for our own products

• Machinery is turned off when not in use

• We coordinate delivery and pick up of supplies with other companies sharing room on their trucks 

• We organize and arrange delivery twice a week to maximize and reduce driving time


Company Wide


• Computers are put to sleep at night

• Equipment not being used it turned off 

• We use green cleaners for office and kitchen

• Our kitchen is supplied with china dishes to reduce the use of paper products

• The washrooms and kitchen have reusable dishcloths and towels instead of disposable paper products.

• Tea and coffee are available in the kitchen to reduce use of take out cups

• A water cooler is available to reduce the use of plastic water bottles

• Everything possible is recycled in the kitchen

• All non-recyclable burnables are taken home my a member of our staff and burned reducing garbage output

• All food scraps are composted in the green bin

• We use eco friendly salt on the ice of our outside walkways

• The outside lights are on a dusk till dawn timer

• All office lights are turned out at night


While we are doing a lot already to be green there is always room for improvement! 


Some ideas for goals in 2018 


Different green challenge every month. 

For example: reduce your disposable cup usage by using a refillable cup or making your beverage at home or in the office.


Starting a green wall. Adding plants the clean the air. Growing vegetables, herbs and spices in our windows for sharing.


Group sharing of food and beverage supplies. Company peanut butter, milk, sugar to reduce packaging usage.


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