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The Christmas Sharing Program A Holiday Tradition At JB Print Solutions

“Tis better to give than receive!”

Christmas time can be a challenging time for people in need. Here at JB, giving back is so important to us! We are able to help out, lend a helping hand, and so WE DO!

The Christmas Sharing program is in its 50th year, started back in 1967. Now, 1300 families in the Quinte region receive food baskets each Christmas. It’s a great way for local families and businesses to help members of the community who are in need. Providing food baskets for families means they will have festive meals with their loved ones during the holidays.

I’ve been doing Christmas Sharing since I was a kid. My siblings and I would help my step Dad and Mom assemble and deliver food baskets from his work, where he headed up their Christmas Sharing team at Black Diamond. I used to think it was a great way to get a day off school, but now realize it was so much more than that. My parents were teaching us how important it is to think of others and give back when they are in a time of need, that Christmas time is about getting together and spending time with loved ones. Christmas Sharing makes that happen for people!

I’ve continued to be a part of sponsoring families in my adulthood and plan to involve my daughter when she’s old enough to help out! It is so important for me to teach my little one that giving back at Christmas and all throughout the year is so meaningful! Continuing family traditions of volunteering and donating during the holidays is definitely something I plan to pass down to her.

For a number of years, the team at JB have been a part of donating to the Christmas Sharing program. All funded by the staff at JB, we come together to shop, assemble and deliver baskets to families. We also love adding in a few personal touches to the baskets, extra festive things for the family to use for their Christmas dinner! At JB we all have a hand in prepping for food baskets, I love how the team is so willing and eager to help out, it makes my heart happy to work with such a generous group of people.

Knowing that families will have good food on their plates and time spent together; eating, laughing and having fun definitely puts a smile on my face and warms my heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the staff at JB Print Solutions!

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