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Welcome to the JB Times!

Oh hello there, welcome to the JB Times! I’m Tamara, graphic designer by profession and one half of the creative team at JB Print Solutions. My husband, Ian and I are the proud (new-ish) owners of JB. I’ve worked as a designer at JB for years, in June of 2016 we purchased the business from our friends (and my bosses), Mike & Teresa Bell. We had never really planned to own a print shop, but we are absolutely loving the change, the challenges and all the fun times that come along with working with such an amazing group of people. Between juggling busy print shop life, and crazy home life with a feisty two year old and bulldog puppy, we are loving it!

But enough about me, let’s chat about the Times! On this blog, we’ll be talking about a variety of topics, from; local charity initiatives to smelly inks and everything in between. You’ll be hearing from many of the staff, we’ll each take turns talking about different things; topics we’re passionate about, answer burning print questions (if that’s even a thing?), and some fun stuff too!  Have you ever wondered how we produce those fancy special finishes, or wanted a behind the scenes tour of the shop? Check back in every now and then and see what fun we’re up to.

We hope you enjoy these little snippets of JB, we can’t wait to share with more with you about the life and Times of JB Print!

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