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Case Study Essential Care For Your Pets

 Hello, let me introduce you to my little "pet hobby" Essential Care for your Pets, Family and Home.


I have been using essential oils for their many uses for years. Including home remedies, cleaning and personal care for myself, family and friends. Expanding my recipes to include physical and emotional care for pets was a logical addition.


After much research, I became aware of concerns with using essential oils for pets. Misuse or poor quality oils have been to blame in most cases for adverse reactions regarding usage for pets (some oils are to be avoided completely). After many years of service to the pets of the Quinte region through Trent Pet, Super Pet and Teri's Pets Plus, I was concerned that this popular alternative treatment option may harm many of the fabulous critters that I have had the pleasure of meeting.


I launched Essential Care for your Pets, Family and Home to better serve the many wonderful pets and their owners. I defer to and follow several Veterinarians literature and experience, who recommend remedies for companion animals for improved emotional and physical well being.


In order to be ready for a trade show less than 4 weeks away, JB Print provided the solutions that I needed to be ready. The team got started right away on my designs for business cards, labels, product tags, banners, table top signs, and a mini roll-up banner. After much assembly on the kitchen table of an assortment of recipes for a rainbow of ailments and concerns my initial product selection was ready. With My vendor table highlighted with my JB Print products, that first event was extremely successful.


Thank you to my wonderful co-workers for their contributions. There is always time for an open discussion for any upcoming project with the JB team, they saw my vision and we nailed it!


Teri Swindon

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